10 health tips for amazing women

As women, we tend to forget our bodies. We spent a lot of time working, caring for our families and serving the whims of others, but – unfortunately – overlooked. The reality of the situation is that only once a body, then you really must have more time to slow down, take a step back and take care of us. Changes should not be difficult, it should not be dramatic. Just take one step at a time, to change a habit, here and there. Before you know it, feel healthier than ever and have more time and energy to share with loved ones. Here are some health considerations.

Understanding your family history

A surprising number of women who know what they need about your family history. The reality of the situation is that doctors want to know the disease, including cancer and heart disease, so they can determine if you are at greater risk of developing certain diseases. Make your business to know the history of the disease in his family – especially when it comes to their brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents.

Take a walk

Most doctors recommend at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day. Did you know that exercise not only help you lose (or maintain), but the weight can help age at a slower pace as well? Stress is a terrible thing and exercise will help maintain a healthy metabolism while remaining relaxed and focused. Not motivated to go for a walk? Talk with a personal trainer to create an exercise routine.

Take care of your eyes

Do you spend most of their time in front of a computer screen at work? If so, you have to take time away from the screen for the exercise of his eyes. Some doctors recommend eye away from the computer and focus on something in a remote location such as a picture in the hallway. Others recommend doing some eye exercises, including rollers and the left eye looking right on the farm. Adjust the brightness of your monitor, so if you can. This will reduce some of the tension is placed on the eyes.

Eat breakfast

You’ve probably heard before, but hearing it again – breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You’ve just spent a significant amount of time to sleep – longer between meals than ever in a period of 24 hours. Your body is in starvation mode and needs to eat to get everything working properly again – and avoid storing fat in the future. They also need fuel for their children and husband at the door the day before.

Ditch the artificial sweeteners

There are many studies comparing the effects of real sugar, artificial sweeteners. At the end of the day, artificial sweeteners are less (ok, zero) calories, but are not necessarily best for you. Chemicals and deceive the sweetness of his body is expecting a sweet, and can actually make you start sweet thirst. It is better to use real sugar in moderation as a filler in artificial alternatives.

Add fish oil to your diet

Never add supplements to your diet without first talking to your doctor, but you should talk to your doctor about taking fish oil. Fish oil has been found to reduce inflammation and can reduce the overall risk of heart disease too. It is also ideal for the health of your hair and skin.

Stop Smoking

Sorry, ladies – but we had to say. Just quit. Some time – time that might happen to your family and loved ones – he shaves his life expectancy of each cigarette you smoke. Talk to your doctor about smoking cessation tools like nicotine patches or gum, may be best for you. You might even consider trying hypnosis, therapy or a support group. Find an exercise program may help relieve some more stress associated with quitting smoking, too.

Drink plenty of water

Your body needs water. Time. End of statement. A dehydrated body can not function properly. You need water to hydrate the cells to remove toxins from your body and your energy. As a woman, you should drink at least 8-12 glasses of water each day. Add an extra cup of water for every cup of caffeine you drink.

Reduce your sodium intake

Doctors and health organizations have devoted much time to educate the public about the dangers associated with sodium (salt) consumption. Try to check your sodium intake by reducing salty snacks and food. Talk to your doctor about supplementation of potassium in your diet as well. Potassium may help counteract the sodium in your system, prevention of complications such as hypertension.

Taking time off

When the last time you scheduled a vacation day or – hey – call to our patients? Maybe it’s time to go to a cold, you can relax in bed and relax with a book and a cup of hot tea – all day. Seriously. Most women feel much pressure at work, are not willing to take the sick one day, even when what they really need. Do not let your employer make you feel guilty for having time off when ill. Your body needs time to heal and recover and even pushing to work makes you feel bad.

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